Bee Swarm

This is a Honey Bee Swarm

Do not panic and please don't spray the bees with anything - call a beekeeper. You can call Grant: 573-587-1623 or Nancy: 573-587-1673. If we're available I will come and rescue these swarms for $20 in the following counties in Western Missouri; Warrensburg, Lee’s Summit, Clinton, Harrisonville area, Johnson, Henry, Lafayette, and Cass.

If you don’t reach us, most police and conservation departments have contact numbers for other beekeepers.

Do not call the garden center at Wal-Mart. They generally have no clue and usually offer to sell you some insecticide to spray the swarm.

Please do not spray the bees.

Mentoring is available by appointment only. Grant can travel to your apiary or will give some personalized instruction at his apiary. A fee and mileage will apply, depending on the day and distance from Holden, MO.

Both Grant and Nancy are available to speak at your bee meeting or conference. Each has a host of topics to suit your needs or seasonal interests. Use the form on the contact us page to send a request to check on availability.